15 Tips To Make You A Pokémon Go Master

4. Snap A Pic

Pokémon Go has a camera feature which lets you hunt for Pokémon in the real-world. Tap on a Pokémon and once you’ve gone into the capture stage, hit the camera icon near the lower right of your screen. No, your Pokémon won’t be any stronger, but at least you can tell everyone you caught Charmander on the train.

5. Neglect Duplicates, Do Not

Okay, so you already have two Weedles. Still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the next ten you come across. Catching duplicates earns your more EX, stardust and Pokémon specific candy. All of which you need to evolve your Pokémon and power up.

6. Practice Your Curveball

Catching em’ all is a simple as tossing Pokéballs at them. Using a curveball, however, gets you more out of a capture. To throw one, centre the Pokéballs in the middle of your screen, spin it until it shines and flick it to the right, or left. If it hits, you’ll get a significant XP bonus. If you miss, well good luck next time.

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