10 Health Benefits of Juicing

Fads come and fads go. Some fads keep coming back and in this case, it’s a good thing. Juicing has been around for decades and numerous books have been published on the subject over the years. Now that being healthy seems to be in style again, it’s a great time to look at juicing and the benefits it can have for your health.


1. More nutrients

These days many of us are not getting the nutrient we need from our food. Processed foods dominate the diets of many people making them deficient in a number of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Juicing is an excellent way to make sure you are getting all the nutrient you need for optimal health.

2. Digestion

Not only is juicing a quicker and easier way to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, juice is also very easy to digest. This also allows your body to absorb all those health-boosting nutrients faster and easier. Many of us eat too fast and that sometimes leads to indigestion. Juicing eliminates that problem entirely.

3. Energy

The energy you will get from drinking real juice is not some phony “high” you would experience from drinking some caffeine-laden “energy drink.” The vitamins and minerals that you get from juice will give you energy and stamina that won’t end with the “crash” that’s so common with the temporary boost you get from energy drinks.

4. Weight loss

While we have probably all heard about various juice diets that promise dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time, specialized diets that limit your juice selection to one or two kinds of juice do not offer you the full spectrum of healthy nutrients that you’ll enjoy by drinking juice from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. And yes, the weight will still come off!

5. Mental clarity

Just like every other organ in your body, your brain must have a sufficient supply of vital nutrients to keep functioning properly and give you the mental clarity you must have in order to stay focused and stay on top of your game.

6. Detoxification

Juicing is a great way to help flush all kinds of toxins from the body. There are a number of juicing strategies that have been developed especially for detox and can help eliminate various toxins through the kidneys, lungs, and skin.

7. Variety

The amazing number of foods that can be used to make juice provides enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Nearly every fruit and vegetable you can think of can be used for juicing and the possibilities are almost endless.

8. Immune system health

We know now just how important it is to maintain a healthy and effective immune system. The incredible number of vital nutrients you get from juicing can help keep your immune system functioning at its best which will greatly improve your chances of fighting off sickness and disease.

9. Stay hydrated

Although drinking water (especially in the mornings) is the best way to stay hydrated, it can be kind of boring, especially since so many of us are accustomed to drinks that have a lot of flavor such as juices and soda. Juicing is a great way to stay properly hydrated and enjoy a variety of juices at the same time.

10. Strong bones

Since fresh fruits and vegetables contain calcium, juicing can help build strong bones and teeth. Avoiding dairy products, which are also considered a primary source of calcium, is a requirement for some people due to allergies or lactose intolerance, while others have decided that too much dairy just isn’t healthy.

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