The Best New Phones Coming Out In 2016

Will the iPhone 7 be better than the Galaxy S7? What will they have that their current version doesn’t have? Whilst unfortunately we doubt they’ll be able to do the washing up and tidy the bedroom (if only eh!), we’ve summarised below what we think will be some of the best released phones in 2016.

iPhone 7

Easily the most recognized smart phone, the upcoming iPhone 7 marks the start of our list. Although not yet confirmed, Apple routinely launches a new smart phone every year in September and since the iPhone 6 was upgraded to “s” last year, it’s a pretty safe assumption that this year will see the iPhone 7 coming out. It’s also a safe assumption that Apple will continue offering consumers two different-sized models of phones to choose from – the larger 5.5-inch model and the smaller 4.7-inch model.

So far, Apple hasn’t leaked much, but there are rumors that indicate they’ll be tougher and more waterproof than previous models. There are also predictions of screen resolution upgrades. An insider source has also suggested that the headphone socket may be ditched and replaced by the Lightning port. iOS 10 is set to be announced over the summer at WWDC, and so expect more information about the new Apple smart phones then.

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Samsung Galaxy S7


Apple’s biggest competitor takes the next spot on our list, and we’re predicting that the fierce competition will continue into 2016 as Samsung had some good success in 2015 with their innovative Edge smart phones and will undoubtedly maintain that momentum.

The exterior isn’t expected to see much change from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but the internal software is expected to get a nice upgrade. There have also been rumors indicating that they will introduce tougher materials for their new lineup, and that they will also be offering the phones in two different sizes.

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HTC One M10


We’re guessing that since the HTC One A9 wasn’t overly impressive in the eye of the public, they will be working extra hard to produce a model similar to that of other popular smart phones so they can get themselves back in the game.

So far, though, there isn’t much to go off of to make detailed predictions about their upcoming smart phone model HTC One M10 other than the HTC One A9. The only thing we can say with some confidence is that it’s going to make its appearance within the first quarter of 2016. It’s very possible that wireless charging will make it onto the list of features and significant improvements to the internal components are a pretty safe bet. It’s expected that the screen resolution will also get an upgrade from the 1080 x 1920 that we’ve seen from HTC in the past.

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Sony Xperia Z6


Although 2015 was a little rough for Sony when it came to their smart phone launches, we feel like the Xperia Z6 could help them get their foot back into the door in the smart phone market. We’re not anticipating any record-breaking sales numbers this year, but their Xperia range certainly rank among the most aesthetically pleasing phones on the market that have the internal power to back it up.

So far, we’ve heard rumors about no less than five different Xperia Z6 models to choose from, all of which will feature Sony’s own 3D Touch technology which is set to rival that of the iPhone. We’re expecting that these models will be dust and waterproof like previous models and that they’ll be something special since Sony is taking lots of time to release this model.

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After the impressive LG G4 that we saw in 2015, they’ve got some pretty high expectations set on the LG G5 that’s likely going to be launched sometime in the next 12 months. We’re still waiting for the official confirmation of the release of this smart phone but we do expect it to be in February or March of 2016. We’re also guessing that this model will be helping Google with their Nexus initiative.

We’ve heard through the grapevine that the new model is going to have an all-metal, premium body, but the biggest upgrades will be to the integrated camera and the cards. One rumor indicates that it will feature an iris scanner which will allow you to unlock your phone without even touching it.

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