6 Time Slip Mysteries

When it comes to paranormal activities, most people would have a laugh and quickly dismiss it. I mean, after all there is no such thing as ghosts, aliens, demons and spirits right? In recent times, there have been quite a few discoveries that were made via science which explains that our universe may not be as simple as we think of it to be. There is a lot of phenomena that us humans, even with the help of science, cannot fully comprehend. Listed below are the examples of 6 such events.

1. Disappearing Houses


In 1971, two men in Oklahoma were working for a live feedstock company when they were called to pick up a dispenser from a certain area. When they reached the place, they saw the dispenser half full and decided to pick it up later. Before leaving, they noticed a large house sitting on a hill nearby. It seemed to be abandoned. The next day when they came back to pick up the dispenser, they found the house gone. There was no debris or any sign of it ever being there.

2. Changing Hangars


In 1935, Royal Air Force Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard was flying from Edinburgh, Scotland to Andover, England. On his way, he passed over an abandoned airfield, with overgrown vegetation and an almost collapsing hangar. Soon, there was a big storm which caused Goddard to nearly lose control of his flight. After the storm had passed, Goddard realized that his plane was going in the reverse direction. He came across the same airfield once again but this time it was lively, filled with working planes and mechanics on duty.

3. Century Old Dancing


This might not be as weird as the other points, but a 30-year-old woman who suffered from paralysis had once visited Marakhuasi in Peru. She and her friends went exploring in the woods and came across a stone cabin. She heard some strange music being played from the cabin and upon a closer look she saw that there were people dancing inside, all dressed in 17th-century dress. Before she could investigate further, she was pulled away by her friends. Nobody ever found out what was actually going on in that cabin or how the woman ended up being paralyzed after that.

4. Road Trip


In 1969, two men were driving on an empty Louisiana Route 167 en route to Lafayette from Abbeville. On their journey, they encountered an antique automobile traveling in the same direction. The vehicle was something from the 15th century, it was in pristine condition and had 1940 written on the license tag. They were even more surprised to find a lady behind the wheels who was dressed in 14th-century clothes as well as a little boy behind her. The two guys asked if she needed any help and as they pulled over in front of her, they looked back to see the lady had vanished into thin air. Apparently, the same thing happened to another traveler who was a few miles behind the two men.

5. Inhuman Pursuers

In 1972, a group of girls was on a road trip but somehow got lost. They found themselves on the edge of a cliff with no familiar surroundings. They got scared and managed to drive back in the hope of getting onto known territory. They came across a tavern and saw two men leaving. One of the girls opened her window to ask for help and the men started to shout all of a sudden and the girls quickly sped away. The two men were apparently chasing the girls in a futuristic egg-shaped vehicle. The girls managed to lose their pursuers and get back on a familiar track. The girl who shouted later reported that the two men did not look human at all.

6. War Story


German journalist J. Bernard Hutton and his colleague, photographer Joachim Brandt were sent to do a story at the Hamburg-Altona shipyards. While they were checking out the area, the sound of an air raid could be heard from above them. There were lots of plane flying above and the bombs were being dropped from the sky, exploding all around them. The two gentlemen rushed into their car and fled the scene. As they left the area, they looked back to see the sky all clear with no noise at all. Their pictures showed no abnormality either. However, eleven years later, that very same place was bombed by the British Royal Air Force. Was it possible that the two journalists somehow zoomed into the future for a brief moment?

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