14 Signs He Wants to Marry You


The two of you have been together for quite a long time, and things seem to be heading towards matrimony. But how can you know that he is ready to pop the question for sure? There are a number of signals to be on the lookout for if you see your man exhibiting these signs be on the lookout for an engagement ring in your champagne.

He frequently highlights his financial independence

Many guys aren’t comfortable with facing their most important life decisions with large doses of instability in the future. They will want to get their job, prospects, and future squared away before they pick the woman they want to spend the rest of their life with. If he keeps bringing up the fact that his financial life and his plans for the future all point to stability, he may be trying to tell you that he is confident that he can financially support two people.

He suggests being together

How often does he call the two of you a couple? How does he see you in his life? When he talks about both of you using terms like ‘us’ and ‘we’, then he might have more in mind for the outcome of your relationship. At the very least, he recognizes that the two of you will be together for a long time—he sees you as a part of his future and not just a spectator.

You have met the family

If you’re getting invited to family events by your man and they have heard about you, you’re in. Does he put you in the corner or does he bring you around for introductions? If he wants the people who mean a lot to him to know who you are, that might just be a sign that you mean a lot to him too.

He isn’t a bachelor anymore

If he is hanging up his bachelor hat and gracing you with a more mature self that is ready for the future, this is a good indication that he might have some plans in store for a shared future with you. Does he keep late nights out with the boys all weekend or does he make sure he gets enough sleep Sunday night for work the next day? Also, if he is spending less time flirting with other women and he is genuinely interested in spending time with you these are all good signs.

He acts like a husband

How much does he want to be involved in your life? What does he say about weddings and marriage? If he thinks that marriage is an overblown ceremony, then he might not be ready. On the other hand, if he calls your parents—and he’s met them—Mom and Dad instead of their names or ‘your mother’ and ‘your father’, then he might be on the path to marriage.

Word variety demonstrates a focus

The higher the variety of ways that he says ‘I love you’ means that he is focused on you as the most important person in his life. Telling you that you are special, and how important you are to him are also huge indicators, and talking about the future in terms of ‘us’ and ‘we’ means he expects you to be around.

Making plans means thinking about the future – your future together.

He encourages you to take a girls’ night out

The two of you have reached a level of maturity within your relationship that means you’re not following each other like puppy dogs. It’s okay to take some time away from each other; you two share a trust and a relationship level that can tolerate temporary distance. What’s most important is that your guy understands that it is important to spend time apart and with friends. He’ll be supportive, and this means that he’s thinking about your needs, not just his.

He accepts your friends

While there is no telling how his friends will interact with your friends, at least he is receptive to spending time with your friends. He will want to meet the people who are important in your life, and he will make efforts to get along with them. Someone who is thinking about a future together understands that if he wants you in his life, the people you care about will probably be around for a while too.

He could write your biography

He knows more about you than anyone else and it’s not just because the two of you spend so much time together. He actively takes an interest in what makes you tick and genuinely enjoys learning about you. That means your plans, aspirations, and your childhood.

What this should tell you is that there is a depth to his feelings for you and that he is focused on you. Besides, learning about you teaches him how to make you happier so don’t be scarce with the details.

He talks to try and resolve any conflict

If he wants to reach a mutual resolution and is willing to compromise, then he might just be ready to be the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. If he runs away from the tough stuff, how will he react a couple of years down the road when the two of you have to tackle life’s surprises together?

He doesn’t mind watching a chick flick now and again

Believe it or not, watching a rom-com together can strengthen your relationship. It might not be his first choice, but he’s willing to consider what you want and not just think about himself. Studies have shown that couples who watched romantic movies together then discussed them, had a reduced chance of divorce than other couples.

He feels strongly about fidelity

Statistics point out that a person (man or woman) who has cheated once on a partner are 3.5 times more likely to cheat again. Of course, that’s just a statistic; it can inform a decision but people grow and change. Some people will cheat again and others won’t, it’s that simple. The bottom line is that you and your man have to have a serious discussion regarding fidelity and loyalty to get to the bottom of your mutual feelings.

His friends are all getting married

If the two of you are frequenting weddings for his guy friends, and especially if he is part of the wedding party, he might be having second thoughts about spending his life alone. This is all the truer if he’s got a fantastic woman like yourself right next to him! If he’s been having doubts about taking the plunge, seeing that his friends can go through the marriage process and emerge happier, will show him that it’s not quite as scary as he might have once thought.

You just know he’s the one

No matter what extensive list of tips you compare him to and what traits you examine the bottom line is that your gut instinct is probably more trustworthy than the entire field of ‘attraction science’ put together. To blend that same science with women’s intuition, a 2013 study found that a woman’s insight was a better predictor than checklists and quantifiable data when it came to happy and successful marriages.

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