10 Best Dog Breeds For Familes

Dogs, in general, are pack animals and whenever dogs are taken as a pet into a family, it considers the family as their pack. It is very important to choose the best breed that is suitable for your family where they can easily consider the family as a pack and adapt well.

10. Beagle

Beagles were generally kept as hunting dogs as they have a very strong built and never get tired. They are great with active energetic kids because they love to play around and they are full of energy. Their compact size might suggest otherwise, but they need lots of exercises. However, they do need lots of brushing and bathing and they shed a bit. They make great nannies for kids.

9. Maltese

These little balls of fur have been known as “The Comforter” from Elizabethan Times as they were believed to relieve pain and reduce anxiety. They are always white in color and look very elegant and haughty however, looks can be deceiving. They are one of the friendliest dog breeds, but they adapt well with adults rather than with kids. They can be groomed easily, but they shed a bit.

8. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are widely misjudged as an aggressive animal, whereas they remain calm in most situations and love to play and roughhouse. They adapt well with both adults and children and can actually teach children how to relate to dogs and act as nannies as well. They need plenty of exercises even though their calm exterior might suggest otherwise. They cope well with large families and are generally very protective of their family’s children.

7. Collie

Collies make great pets for first-timers as they are easily trainable and rarely bite. They are great with children and it is in their nature to please the family and protect them. They are very intelligent as a breed and were originally bred as herding dogs so it might try herding your kids once in a while. However, their silky coat needs some very high maintenance grooming.

6. Newfoundland

It is hard not to fall in love with these large balls of fur. They are natural babysitters and known as “The Nannies” because of their natural love for children. This breed loves to be inside more so they are suitable for families with large open spaces in their house. They are gentle, kind and patient by nature and both adults and children fall in love with them. They tend to drool a shed quite a lot.

5. Poodle

Standard poodles are very suitable for families, whereas miniature poodles tend to be very high maintenance for families with children. They shed very little compared to other breeds so they are best for children with allergies. They are easy to train and make great playmates, as they are very fun loving and intelligent.

4. Husky

Huskies make loving companions even though they are not suitable pets for first timers as they take quite some maintenance. They are intelligent, affectionate and independent, which might be suggested otherwise because of their wolf-like exterior. They have never been known to show any aggression towards their families or other animals.

3. German Shepherd

Firs of all, it is worth mentioning that German Shepherds are one of the finest guard dogs amongst all dog breeds. Extremely loyal to their owners, they are alert, intelligent, and fiercely protective. They are also commonly used as police dogs.  German Shepherds don’t need much maintenance thus can be adopted even by first-timers.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers make great service dogs, guide dogs, and drug dogs because of their steady nature and ability to learn. They are one of the most popular breeds amongst the world because they are playful, patient, loving, protective and reliable. They are amazing with kids because of their loving nature.

1. Golden Retriever

Smaller than Labradors, they also have a shorter life span. They are very clever and can be easily trained, as they love to please their humans and crave human company. They are confident, smart, kind and loyal by nature and amazing with kids because of their stable nature. They love to play and have an amazing level of energy.