10 Bizarre Phobias You Have Never Heard of

It is common to mistake worry, fear, or concern for a true blue phobia. The reality is that a phobia is so much more than just a little anxiety. It is a debilitating and, more often than not, unfounded and baseless terror. Phobias can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. We’re all familiar with the common ones, such as arachnophobia (the fear of spiders), but there are some odd ones out there that you just won’t believe.

10. Agyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Street


Like many phobias, people afflicted with agyrophobia are not terrified of just the act of crossing the street but of falling or being struck by passing motorists. It can also manifest itself as simply a fear of blind corners, or wide avenues or thoroughfares where the person suffering could potentially be injured. Of course, looking both ways before crossing, using common sense, and staying off your phone will mostly keep you safe but those suggestions fall on deaf ears for agyrophobics.

It is worth noting that this phobia is not the same as a fear of cars or the fear of riding in a car which is referred to as amaxophobia.