10 Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

There’s nothing particularly wrong with coffee, per se, but it’s often something that works its way into someone’s normal routine so thoroughly that they might find it difficult to imagine getting through the day without it. Sometimes too much of a good thing might not be so good after all. And there are some people that just don’t want to feel like they have to depend on something to get them going in the morning. Let’s face it, for some people coffee may as well be considered an addiction. Here are some alternate ways to rise and shine if you want to take a break from your morning java.

1. Move!

We all know that moving around can help get the blood circulating in the body. Stretching can be a great way to get moving in the morning and limber you up a bit for the day’s activities. There are numerous ways to stretch and even serious areas of study like yoga that can help start your day off right.