10 Celebrities With Acne (or did have)

Acne does not discriminate. Like every other health problem you can think of, celebrities are just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Sure, they probably have the resources that allow them to receive the best medical care, but they suffer with the same conditions that the rest of us do, and acne is certainly not an exception. I’m sure most people don’t delight in learning about celebrities that have problems with acne, but it might make a few people feel better to know that even glamorous film stars and superstar singers sometimes have to deal with acne. Here are a few well-known celebrities who have had or continue to have problems with acne.

#1 Britney Spears

This one-time pop music superstar has had her share of problems with acne. Spears dealt with breakouts during her teen years as her music career started to take off, but she managed to get the situation under control after she began taking prescription medication. She once again had problems with acne during her pregnancy – which is common – but that cleared up after the birth of her child.

#2 Adam Lambert

This American Idol season 8 runner-up is making headlines most recently due to his work as the front man for classic rock legends Queen. Lambert has struggled with pretty serious acne for years, and it is easy to spot the scars on his cheeks when he isn’t covering them completely with make-up.

#3 Jessica Simpson

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson has had her problems with acne, in fact, she has served as a spokesperson for a popular brand of acne medication. For Simpson, prescription medication helped clear her skin for a while when she was a teenager, but that turned out to be a temporary solution, and her acne soon returned. She’s had much better success finding solutions that work for her more recently, but still has her problems at times, and has even agreed to be photographed when she is experiencing a breakout to help others realize that they are not alone, and even celebrities deal with this problem.

#4 Cameron Diaz

Diaz has never been all that open about her problems with acne, but she has acknowledged it on a few occasions in the past. Having some of the best make-up artists and Photoshop experts in the world working on your behalf sure makes it easier to cover up problem skin. Diaz has said that quitting smoking was one thing she did that definitely helped improve her skin. She also reports that it improved her skin significantly once she stopped eating a cheeseburger and fries every day.

#5 Brad Pitt

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable hunks, it may be hard to believe that he has had to deal with acne problems for much of his life. Pitt has some scarring from acne but you’ll never see any of that in his movies or in any glossy magazine photos. Make-up artists and Photoshop wizards can work wonders, and make anyone look like they never had a single pimple in their lives.

#6 Katy Perry

Katy Perry readily admits that having acne is one of her greatest insecurities. Although it’s hard to imagine to hear it coming from a superstar like Perry, she reveals that she tends to be very self-conscious about it and sometimes wears a bit too much make-up in order to cover it up.

#7 Lorde

Singing sensation Lorde is another celebrity that is incredibly open about the problems she has with bad skin. She actually shares photos with the public that show her problem skin, which probably makes a lot of her fans who deal with acne feel a bit better about it. Her message to her fans is that, “flaws are OK.”

#8 Rihanna

Acne triggers are different for everyone and for Rihanna, she seems inclined to think alcohol is a big part of the problem. When she experiences breakouts, she says she cuts back on her alcohol consumption and super-hydrates by drinking lots of water. She will also use lots of bold lipstick to help draw attention away from problem areas.

#9 Megan Fox

Although she may appear utterly flawless, once in a while a photo will surface that clearly shows that Fox has had her problems with acne. There does appear to be some minor scarring visible at times, although the professionals that do her make-up normally do an extraordinary job at covering it up for her.

#10 Daniel Radcliffe

Just about everyone who has ever suffered with acne knows that breakouts always seem to happen at the very worst time. The same was true for this Harry Potter star who reportedly experienced a bad breakout while shooting one of his blockbuster Harry Potter movies. Between the make-up artists and expert film editing, any flaws were probably covered up quite completely.

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