Is Green Tea Good For Acne?

If you have acne problems then you will certainly understand how frustrating it can be. This is especially the case if you have tried all the creams and lotions that are available but in some instances, they can even make the problem worse. If you don’t try and treat your acne then you may be left with scarring and other damages and that brings around the question, can green tea treat acne effectively?


Green Tea Contains Plenty of Antioxidants

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and the main reason for this is because it contains polyphenols. This compound is what gives green tea such a boost in terms of the health benefits it has to offer and you can take it both internally and externally. You will also find that there is a decaffeinated version on the market as well so if you don’t want to stay up all night as a result of drinking it before bedtime then you know that you can drink it with anything to worry about.

It Can Reduce Your Insulin Level

Acne is commonly associated with insulin and even blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that if you have a high level of carbohydrates in your body you’ll be more prone to skin disorders. If you want to reduce this, then green tea can do this for you as well as bringing all your other levels back down to normal.

It’s An Anti-inflammatory

Green tea has properties which help it to act as an anti-inflammatory. This can help you by reducing all of the rashes and scars you experience as the result of acne, so you can have better and clearer skin in half the time.

It’s Also Antibacterial

Green tea is known for its antibacterial properties and this is incredibly helpful because in most cases, this is what causes acne.

Sex Hormone Binding…

There are hormones in the body that can really affect your skin and it can cause multiple disorders as well. Green tea contains various molecules that bind onto these hormones so they won’t become bioactive. So as you can see, green tea can actually help you prevent getting acne in the first place and it is this hormone that plays a part in prostate and breast cancer as well.

It’s Good For Your Body As Well

Green tea can help you clear out the bad bacteria in your body and it is ideal if you want to undergo a detox. This alone will help your body to clear out the acne and it has other health benefits as well so you know you can take your skin and healthcare regime to that next level when you incorporate green tea into your diet.

Green tea is certainly something you need to look out for if you suffer from acne and you’d be surprised at the other health benefits it can offer you as well. One or two cups a day would be plenty to get you started so it’s very affordable for the long term.

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