Signs a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

Does He Want to be More Than Just Good Friends?

How do you know when a friendship with a man has the potential to progress into a meaningful relationship? Well as we know men are creatures of habit, and if you observe them closely they will give off certain signals that will help you to answer this question. Of course misreading the signs can be embarrassing and in some cases it can even damage a friendship. By watching and listening for certain behaviours you can suss out how he really feels about you and avoid that awkward conversation.


Conversation Intensifies

Most men will talk all day long about football, cars, beer… stuff! But when his conversations with you become more personal and involve his real thoughts and emotions this is a sign he trusts you, and values your opinion. We all need someone to confide in, and this becomes an essential aspect of a loving relationship. When a man finds himself talking to a woman in a way that is different to the way he speaks to his other friends it is a sure sign he is into her on a more intimate level.

‘I just wanted to say hi……’

As a rule, men don’t call for a chat with just anyone. If he is calling or texting you throughout the day he just can’t get you out of his head and is desperate to hear your voice. It’s believed that if a guy keeps contacting you between 12pm and 5pm for just random chit-chat he has fallen for you hook, line and sinker!

Your Friends Are Now His Friends Too

What your friends think of your new guy is so important and he knows it. A man knows that to stand a chance with you, he has to impress your friends too! You may notice he is making a special effort to speak to your girlfriends, or he may even be spending time with them when you are not there. This is likely to mean he is interested in you and wants to know more about you from their point of view.

He Calls You By Name

You may have noticed him using your name more frequently during conversation. This can be an indication that a man is keen on a woman. It shows he feels comfortable around you and is interested in what you have to say.

You and Me?……No way!!

So the safest way to find out if a girl is interested and avoid a crash and burn situation is to make the suggestion in jest. If she shudders at the thought of it then he can simply pretend it was just a joke and move on like nothing happened. However if she seems to like the idea then he knows he is in with a chance. You are on the same wavelength, and it is possible things may progress in the future.

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