Top 10 Men’s Aftershave

What’s the one thing on a man that can have a woman fawning and smiling besides his muscles and charm? If you said his smell, then yes you are indeed correct. All women like to walk past a man knowing he smells really good while for men, they like to know that they smell great when passing women especially if he is trying to get her attention. From a collection of surveys and detailed research, here are the top 10 most popular aftershaves for men.

10. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme – A very elegant exquisite cologne, relatively easy on the pocket. Has a very pleasant opening smell of citrus with bergamot. Then as the hours go on it lingers off into a woodsy but floral scent. Can be worn for any occasion, sits well on the skin and is not overpowering. Great choice for a signature scent.

9. Terre d’Hermes – A bit on the expensive side as designer colognes go but certainly a good buy. A great gift idea or just to add to your collection. It starts out as a mineral or earthy scent and as it begins to dry down you start to get a spicy, orange woodsy type of smell. Quite unique and can be worn mostly for special occasions given the refined scent and definitely worth the money.

8. Bleu De Chanel – With a good mix of peppermint and a sporty kind of grapefruit, with a lasting scent. It has great projection and can be worn just about anywhere. Can even be made a signature smell for you. It doesn’t trail off into a woodsy fragrance like others in the Chanel line and the citrus smell remains a constant turn-on.

7. The One by Dolce and Gabbana – This has made its mark over time and this one in particular was made to appeal to the sexier side of a man. A blast of citrus mixed with tobacco and cedar gives it that manly but playful scent. It trails off with a more spicy smell when drying and the ginger makes it quite sporty. Suggested to be worn for special occasions.

6. Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani – This fragrance was tweaked from the original Acqua Di Gio released in 1996. However, this scent when sprayed comes off with rosemary, citrus but quite refined. A very classy and inviting smell that is great for just about any occasion. Great projection and waters down to a woodsy and incense type smell. A bit on the expensive and exclusive side but definitely worth the purchase. Due to its exclusiveness chedk the Giorgio Armani website as that’s probably the best place to find it.

5. Aventus Creed – A much hyped cologne with a unique and powerful blackcurrant with an Italian bergamot fragrance to complement the hype on opening. Known by many as the signature scent for the modern man, as it mellows out into a woody orange smell that remains consistent. Can be worn just about anywhere, you name it, you can wear it.

4. Noir Eau De Toilette by Tom Ford – For the opening fragrance you will get a scent of pure citrus oils with a dab of lemon that will water down to a more tame powdery scent. If you want to have a light scent but still have a balance to your manly side then this cologne is for you. The spiciness will continue right through and as it dries out you get a woodsy and musky scent. Average projection and sits closer to the skin. Recommended to be worn casually.

3. One Million by Paco Rabanne – The first thing that hits you when you spray this cologne is its powerful but smooth tangy almost fruit like scent. As it trails out and dries, there is also a light hint of cinnamon that can be compared to bubble gum. Usually preferred for date and club nights and a good gift idea. If you are a man that is going for a simple suave look or you just want to leave a mark, this is a good selection that can be purchased on Amazon.

2. Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren – A light, crisp and clean cut fragrance. It has a light hint of mint ginger and lemon that mellows into a smooth sea grass scent. Quite a pleasant scent that is good for semi-formal occasions or just to run some errands.

1. Boss Sport by Hugo Boss – Quite a simple scent but just a bit more intense than the older version from 1998. The fragrance comes off with a mix of apple mix with lavender and cinnamon. Can be worn for most occasions so if you are a guy that’s going for a woodsy opening that trails off into a smooth almost spicy lavender scent, then this is just the aftershave for you. After all, who doesn’t want to smell like a BOSS?

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