Best Vitamins for Memory and Focus

Have you ever felt as if you are having trouble recalling certain information, or felt as if you cannot focus in the workplace? These troubles are common among modern-day adults, and are often the result of vitamin deficiencies in the body. Your brain cannot function at full capacity without getting the proper vitamins it needs, which in turn can lead to an inability to focus on basic tasks, as well as trouble recalling important information. Fortunately, research has been done to show which vitamins lead to increased focus and energy, and these vitamins are now available in capsules or powders online or at any health-food grocery store.

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Vitamin B12: Step up your body and your mind

B complex vitamins are some of the best for the human body, as they promote increased energy and focus when taken in proper amounts. Vitamin B12 offers a number of benefits to help increase memory and focus, but a very high number of adults are deficient in the substance, mainly older individuals and vegetarians.

Many studies have been done to better understand vitamin B12, and the universal conclusion is that adequate amounts of it in your system can lead to higher energy levels, improved memory, and improved focus, however there are no studies indicating that excess levels will provide any extra benefits.

Vitamin B12 is found in most dietary vitamin supplements, however it can be found naturally in poultry, fish, and many kinds of meats.

Vitamin E: Just say “no” to memory loss.

Another vitamin most adults do not get regularly in their diet is vitamin E, which can be found in green leafy vegetables and many kinds of nuts and oils, and even whole grain flour. While severe deficiency is rare, most adults can do well with a little extra vitamin E in their diet, as it has been shown to lead to increased memory and focus, particularly for those of older age.

In fact, some research exists showing that vitamin E may work to prevent Alzheimer’s, and even slow it’s progression after it’s begun, making it one of the best substances for increased focus and memory.

Magnesium: Your brain’s best defense.

If you haven’t studied vitamins much in the past, it may seem strange to see magnesium on this list. While it may seem strange to consume magnesium, the substance is incredibly important to the human brain, as it works to protect it against neurotoxins which can lead to trouble down the road.

By protecting the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins, magnesium helps it to perform better, as it improves memory and focus by doing so. However, most adults are very deficient in the substance, as it is found mostly in seeds, nuts, and leafy greens, but is often lost when cooked or processed. Look for a dietary supplement that includes magnesium, as it is one of your brains most important defenses against toxins and harm.

If you believe your memory could be better, or that should be able to focus more easily at home or in the workplace, you may be deficient in any of the vitamins listed here. Talk to your doctor to learn more about what may be causing the issue, and look into all natural supplements that will provide your body with the vitamins it needs to think clearly and function properly.

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